Welcome to Meduza


The Meduza digital imaging system is much more than just a camera; it’s a whole new way of seeing things differently.  As a new piece of essential film making technology it aspires to provide more flexibility and control to the art of stereoscopic recording than any other system available.


Light weight, compact and fully remote controllable the camera is designed to liberate the film maker and release the creative potential in this exciting new medium and across all areas film and television production.  Sport, live action, drama, natural history both for the largest and smallest screens are all supported by Meduza.


The Meduza is a completely new and original, built from the ground up camera system designed to provide the very specific tools needed to produce the highest level of matched stereoscopic images in a flexible range of resolutions and formats.


With guaranteed regular hard and software upgrades your Meduza will never be obsolete and will always be at the cutting edge.


At Meduza we really are seeing things differently!


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